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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Or Verd

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil belongs to a select group of oils that far exceed the strictest quality parameters.
It is a gourmet product that offers characteristics of flavor, freshness, and quality well above virtually all extra virgin olive oils available on the market.
Or Verd Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Tasting guidelines

Very balanced
Intense fruity profile of olives with notes reminiscent of ripe fruits. Notes of apple, ripe banana and almond are perceived. Green notes of grass and secondary aromas of fennel and green nuts appear. To taste, sweet and almond, slightly bitter and a little spicy.
Serving suggestions
Or Verd is fresh and mild tasting. Although its superior quality is best appreciated as part of your salad dressings, dips, or as a finishing touch to enhance the flavor of your meals, it is also great for cooking, baking or grilling.
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Organic - Premium - Mediterranean

Ultimate Freshness

We are committed to deliver the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your table. To guarantee a fresh oil with a delicate taste, we sell with a shelf life of only 14 months after the crush date of the Olives, so you will always have at your table a fresh and smooth tasting oil with very low acidity. Any Oil kept at out facilities is scrapped 12 months after production and replaced with Oil from the new season. We only sell fresh oil from the latest harvest.
Mediterranean meal with Or Verd Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Guaranteed Quality

The extraordinary quality of our product is the result of the following practices:

Selected harvest

We only harvest olives grown at the low lying lands of Tarragona, Spain, close to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with an ideal climate and location. We hand pick only the finest olives from the tree which are then transported and turned into the freshest oil on that very same day.
Olives hand picked from the tree

Limited Production

We produce in limited quantities, focusing on the freshness and taste of our oil. That is why we choose to harvest our olives when they deliver the best taste and quality, rather than when they deliver the best oil yield.
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Hand-harvesting, sustainable practices, traceability to every orchard, and top of the line processing facilities allow us to bring to your table a very fine and delicate olive oil.
Arbequina olives to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Truly Extra Virgin

Our oil is made exclusively from Arbequina Olives, without the use of blends or any other process.
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To preserve Or Verd's flavor and freshness, it is maintained in a controlled environment, with low oxygen levels, and no light during its stay at the processing plant.
  • Harvest Period:
    Every year from October through December
  • Harvest Method:
    Traditional, hand-picked, from the tree only
  • Extraction Method:
    Cold extraction
  • Acidity:
    Less than or equal to 0.2%
  • Storage:
    Cool place away from light and heat
  • Presentation:
    500 ml (16.9 FL OZ ) bottle that shields the product from light
Or Verd Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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